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These premium shoe insoles will help you stay cozy and warm. Our innovative design adds cushioning and support that molds to your foot and makes any shoe feel like a slipper.

  • Natural Australian Shearling for added insulation and warmth
  • Shock absorbing foam for protection from hard surfaces
  • Grooved design for snug fit, preventing movement inside the shoe
  • Open cell foam absorbs any excess vapor
    • Made with Natural Australian Shearling
    • Recycled rubber foam
    • Durable materials, designed to be trimmed
    Designed to be trimmed and fit best after removing the manufacturer's insoles from your shoes. Refer to sizing chart for more details.
    If you see your Bear Soles beginning to get dirty, simply remove them from your shoes and treat the wool with a brush or comb. You can also use a spray bottle to put on a light application of water before brushing the fur. Bear Soles are very easy to clean.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Miss the old version

    Wish the design hadn’t changed. My last pair had cork heel and arches that were far more comfortable and supportive.

    Vanessa Valladares
    Love my Bear Soles

    I have recommended them to family and friends. Keeps my toes toasty!

    Honey Shearling Innersoles

    Absolutely DIVINE!!!! The shearling inside of my slippers had worn away and they weren't comfortable or very warm anymore. I was considering throwing them away but I couldn't find any I liked.
    Bear Shearling innersoles to the rescue!! These are so warm and cozy!!!! They made the inside of my slippers feel like new! I Absolutely love them!!!! Thank you!!!

    Made my favorite pair of slippers even better.

    With working from home all the time, I found myself needing a pair of house shoes that gave me the feeling of getting dressed and ready for work, but also kept things cozy, especially in the cold air-conditioning of summer. In June 2021, I purchased a really cute pair of slippers, only problem was that they were made with a polyester lining that made my feet stink! Bear Soles saved them! They provide the same comfort of my ugly ugg slippers, but now I get the benefit of a cute shoe to wear around the house that helps me feel like I'm ready for business even if I'm still only working from home. Plus, they keep my feet the perfect temp -- not too warm but so cozy. I look and feel great all day. Purchasing pairs for all my winter boots and sneakers so I can take that slipper feeling with me everywhere.

    Keeping my new leather sneakers warm

    i just put the bear soles into my john vavarto new leather sneakers. took out the factory insole and replaced with bearsoles. amazing. love it. chilly winter and damp here. i usually use thick wool sock to be warm and comfortable. this is perfect. i like as much or more then my honey soles. great product. nice paper wrap and box. well done. im impressed. i hope the sales reflect the product. if not time will eventually reward you as you really dont have much competition in this space. Its a matter of making the public aware. if underwear matters then insoles should.

    Stay Cozy

    Fluffy insoles designed for support, warmth, and shock absorption.

    Soft Australian Shearling

    Made of natural, fine grain, Australian shearling. One of the softest and most indulgent available on the market.

    Temperature regulating

    Shearling is an amazing material with temperature regulating properties. Your feet will stay warm in the cold and won't overheat.

    Molds to your foot

    The combo of the soft shearling and open-cell memory foam, allows your foot to contour and mold to the insoles.

    Easy to clean

    Simply remove them from your shoes and treat the wool with a brush or comb.

    Don't get
    cold feet

    See if Bear Soles can help save Jack's marriage.