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  • Replace the insoles of your favorite shoes and boots with Bear Soles to give your feet and joints the support and comfort you need. 
  • Premium shearling insoles made with natural Australian sheepskin.
  • Shock absorbing foam for comfort and protection from hard surfaces.
  • Low level arch support can help with posture, alignment and common pain.
  • Designed to be trimmed and fit best after removing the manufacturer's insoles from your shoes.

    Stay Cozy

    Fluffy insoles designed for support, warmth, and shock absorption.

    Soft Australian sheepskin

    Made of natural, fine grain, Australian sheepskin. One of the softest and most indulgent available on the market.

    Temperature regulating

    Sheepskin is an amazing material with temperature regulating properties. Your feet will stay warm in the cold and won't overheat.

    Molds to your foot

    The combo of the soft sheepskin and open-cell memory foam, allows your foot to contour and mold to the insoles.

    Easy to clean

    Simply remove them from your shoes and treat the wool with a brush or comb.

    Don't get
    cold feet

    See if Bear Soles can help save Jack's marriage.