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  • Natural cork cover wicks away sweat.
  • Ergonomic design provides increased stability and enhanced comfort.
  • Shock absorbing foam for comfort and protection from hard surfaces.
  • Low level arch support helps with posture, alignment and common pain.
  • Considered by many as the best way to comfortably wear your shoes without socks.
  • Designed to be trimmed and fits best after removing the manufacturer's insoles from your shoe.

Go sockless

Designed for breathability, support, comfort and odor prevention.

Cork wicks away moisture

Cork cells are filled with air & have an extremely strong and flexible membrane that's waterproof and airtight.

Natural anti-bacterial

Cork is a key natural material to prevent bacteria and fungus build up in your shoes.

Arch support

Honey Soles have a supportive, contoured design, which helps with posture, alignment, and arch support. They help with over pronation which is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis.

Forms to your feet

Our cork and memory foam feels like you're wearing flip-flops but inside your shoes.

Easy to clean

Simply remove them from your shoes and scrub them with a damp paper towel.